Lotus Medics – Services

Our medical practitioners will help you on your lotus journey

We provide caring and supportive women’s health services to help you overcome lifes challenges.

A symbol of purity, enlightenment, self-regeneration and rebirth, the lotus flower’s ability to bloom and flourish from the mud it grows in, means it is one of the most symbolic flowers, and a perfect name for our practice.

Many similarities can be found between the lotus flower and human life. Mud representing the suffering and obstacles of life, the lotus flower, which opens its petals one by one, symbolising our journey through life, overcoming obstacles one by one.

We all face challenges, whether with our physical or mental health, fertility or parenting problems, loneliness, disappointment, failure, grief, but from those challenges, we learn, develop compassion, and rise above the mud, becoming stronger, more beautiful versions of ourselves.

Our role as medical practitioners is to help our patients on their own individual lotus journey. We are there to support you, providing good quality, individualised care.

Range of our Women’s Health services: