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Practice Nurse

Our practice nurse coordinate all patient needs.

Our practice nurses are fully trained in childhood immunizations, and we stock most vaccinations here at the practice for your added convenience.

Our doctors and nurses are experienced in all aspects of travel health and vaccination.

The nurses assist in all enhanced primary care checks such as:
– Health assessments for over 75 year olds
– 45 year old health checks
– management plans for chronic illness
– asthma plans
– diabetic annual reviews
All of which are designed to facilitate optimal patient care and outcomes



Comprehensive pathology services onsite are provided by Healthscope Pathology.

Monday to Friday
8.00am – 4.30pm
Saturday 9.00am – 11.30am
Closed Public Holidays

Telephone: 9486 1870

Bulk Billing Available



Rocchi’s Pharmacy
293 High Street, Northcote 3070
John Rocchi’s Pharmacy provides a broad range of health care products and assists in patient Home Medication Reviews.

Opening Hours
Monday – Thursday 8.30am – 7.00pm
Friday 8.30am – 6.30pm
Saturday 8.30am – 1.00pm
Delivery Service Available
Closed Public Holidays

Phone 9489 8007
Fax 9489 8001



The Centre for Psychological & Relationship Counselling was established in 1998. It provides a counselling service which offers experience in an extensive array of psychological problems for individuals (adults, adolescents and children), couples and families. It operates in the northern suburbs of Melbourne and currently has five sites, including Doctors of Northcote.

Our practice aims to help people in a respectful and meaningful manner. The therapeutic techniques are tailored to the client and their needs, but predominantly we use Cognitive Behavioural techniques that address the impact of a person’s thoughts on their feelings and behaviour.

We can help with:
Panic & Anxiety Disorders
Depression & Post-Natal Depression
Nervous breakdowns
Relationship difficulties, family problems
Issues related to physical assault, sexual assault, domestic violence and other criminal acts
Childhood sexual abuse issues
Life crises
Post Traumatic Stress problems
Pain management
Workplace injuries, return to work issues
Vocational assessments
Sleep problems
Eating disorders
Assertiveness problems
Difficulties with self esteem and self confidence, including Social Phobia & Social Anxiety
Grief and loss issues
Drug and alcohol problems
We provide support to employees of local businesses.

On November 1st 2006 the Better Access to Mental Health Care scheme became available. Under this scheme people with a GP Mental Health Care Plan can be referred to a psychologist (who is registered with Medicare Australia) for 12 sessions in a calendar year, and the person can claim a rebate for these sessions. All our psychologists are registered with Medicare Australia.

There is a different fee for sessions under this scheme:
As a practice we have decided to bulk bill people who have a Health Care Card therefore they will not have any out of pocket expense for the sessions.
For people who do not have a Health Care Card the fee varies depending on whether the psychologist is a clinical psychologist or a generally registered psychologist:
For clinical psychologists the fee is $140 with a rebate of $117.65 meaning that the out of pocket expense is $22.35.
For generally registered psychologists the scheduled fee is $105 with a rebate of $80.20 meaning the out of pocket expense is $24.80.
Please check with us as to whether our psychologists are recognised as clinical or generally registered psychologists for the purposes of this scheme.

The information regarding our fees below remains correct for people who do not have a GP Mental Health Care Plan.

This is a private practice. We keep our fees as low as possible to enable us to provide a service to a wide population. Our fee is $105 per session, sessions are 50 minutes long. Clients with the appropriate level of private health insurance may be entitled to a rebate on this fee.

We are providers for a wide range of health insurance funds including:
Medibank Private
Australian Unity
LaTrobe Health Services.

We also provide help for people eligible under the:
Victims Referral & Assistance Service
Victims of Crime Assistance Tribunal
Victorian Workcover Authority
Transport Accident Commission
Department of Veterans Affairs
Better Outcomes in Mental Health Care Initiative

Our Psychologists are registered with the Health Insurance Commission (HIC) to provide services for people with an Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) Multidisciplinary Care Plan.

Referral from a General Practitioner is only required for VWA, TAC Department of Veteran’s Affairs clients, under the Better Outcomes in Mental Health Care Initiative and under the EPC scheme.

For further information please see our website



Bodyfit Physiotherapy

271 High Street Northcote and 295 High Street (Doctors of Northcote)
Ph: 9481 2348 W: E:

Bodyfit Physio is committed to providing therapy using the latest treatment techniques based on current research, with an emphasis on holistic individualised treatment.
Our clinic is focused on manual and exercise-based therapy. This ensures our clients achieve the best treatment outcomes with a view to treat and prevent a wide range of clinical conditions.

Joshua Neeft
Master of Physiotherapy (Graduate Entry), Bachelor of Podiatry
Josh has had comprehensive training in Clinical Pilates, dry needling, and the treatment of pelvic and spinal dysfunction, as well as foot and lower limb disorders. He is an advocate for evidence-based treatments and methods that enable patients to self-manage and prevent further problems.

Juliet Hall
Bachelor of Science (Physio)
Juliet has been working as a physiotherapist for more than twenty years. She is passionate about her work with new and expectant mothers, encouraging women to manage their own health as well as their children’s. Her specific areas of interest include neurological conditions, aged care, pre/post natal care, and Clinical Pilates.

Debbie Tan
Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Hons), Bachelor of Exercise Science
Returning from maternity leave, Debbie has a special insight into post natal management. She is also experienced in treating pelvic and spinal problems and sports injuries. She has a keen interest in Clinical Pilates as a treatment for a range of physical conditions including post natal recovery.

Conditions Treated
– Back, neck and shoulder pain
– Neck pain
– Headaches
– Sports injuries
– Knee, foot and ankle pain
– Pre natal and post natal care
– Pelvic and sacroiliac join pain
– Post-operative management (e.g. spinal surgery, joint replacement)
– Osteoarthritis and osteoporosis
– Neurological conditions (stroke, brain injury, MS)
– Work-related injuries and functional capacity assessments
– Postural problems

Our special interest areas include
– Clinical Pilates
– Pre/post natal care
– Foot and ankle management including orthotic therapy
– McKenzie Technique for back and neck pain
– Sports rehabilitation
– Core stability and postural retraining
– Injury prevention
– Chronic pain management
– Neurological physiotherapy

– Veterans Affairs; Work Cover; TAC; Allied Health Chronic Disease Management (EPC) Plan Accepted
– Hicaps on-the-spot claiming
– BUPA Members First

Operating Hours
Monday- Friday 8:00am-6:00pm
Saturday 8:00am-1:00pm

Cancellations require 24 hours notice or fee will be incurred.



Nutrition & Health

295 High Street Northcote
Ph: (03) 9481 1214

DIETITIAN – Voula Koufariotis

An Accredited Practicing Dietitian (APD) is a qualified expert, trained to provide accurate nutrition and dietary advice. As an APD, our dietitian only provides advice of the highest standard, which is practical and tailored to the individual. All information provided is up-to-date and Best Practice.

Why improve your diet?
A healthy diet has been underestimated in its importance of preventing clinical conditions such as:
Heart disease
Weight management
Gastrointestinal disease
Food allergy and intolerance
Sports nutrition
Nutrition for general health

Our program offers:
An initial Assessment
Identification of needs and goals
Analysis of dietary intake
Analysis of current food habits and trends
Assistance with monitoring and maintaining weight
Achieving weight loss/body fat loss
Identification of medical risk factors
A simple and practical eating regimen catered to your individual needs and lifestyle
Help with addressing types of physical activity required
Healthy eating program provided
Weekly monitoring of weight and body fat
Easy and effective results
Education/Resource material provided

Consultation fees:

Bulk billed
Initial consultation 30min
Extended Consultation 40min
r/v Consultation
Veterans Affair
Bulk billed

Appointment bookings can be made at Doctors of Northcote or Telephone (03) 9481 1214

Cancellation Policy
If you cannot make your appointment and will need to cancel or postpone the appointment, you will need to give at least 24 hours notice. If you fail to do so, a fee (100% of the session cost) will be incurred.


Travel Health

Northern Yarra Travel Health At Doctors of Northcote

Travelling Overseas?

Whether you are heading overseas for business or pleasure it is recommended that you have a Travel Health consultation in advance.

To ensure you and your family have a safe and healthy trip we can advise on the health risks for your destination and provide vaccinations and medication.

As some vaccinations require a series of treatments it is important that you consult us several months before you travel .

Travel Health Consultations requires a longer appointment to ensure your health and travel requirements are met

Remember to inform our reception staff that you require a Travel Health appointment

What do you need to bring to this appointment?

  • Previous immunisation records
  • Travel Itinerary


Travel Health consultations are privately billed with Medicare rebates available apart from the cost of vaccines and payable on the day of consult

Private Fee:  applies to all patients who are over 16 years of age and for all patients who do not hold a Health Care card

  • Standard Consultation $130.30 (out of pocket $60.00) plus vaccines
  • Longer Consultation     $163.50 (out of pocket $60.00) plus vaccines


Discounted fee:  applies to patients who are under 16 years of age  and for all patients who hold a Health Care card

  • Standard Consultation $110.30 (out of pocket $40.00) plus vaccines
  • Longer Consultation    $143.50 (out of pocket $40.00) plus vaccines


Discounted fees available for families who are seen together

Online appointments are not available for Travel Health

For an appointment please call 9481 1214 and speak with our reception staff

Payment at the time of consultation is required


Fees as at 1st September 2015

Patients please be advised that Doctors of Northcote is a private billing practice


******Get your rebate back immediately, with our new Tyro machine********

No waiting period for Medicare to place the rebate into your bank account

No waiting period for Medicare cheques in the mail

Funds go directly onto your debit card within seconds of making your full payment



Private fee: applies to all patients who are over 16 years of age and for all patients who do not hold a   Health Care card

  • Standard Consultation $75.00 (out of pocket $38.70)
  • Longer Consultation    $110.00 (out of pocket $38.70)


Bulk bill: applies to patients who hold a Pension card or a Department of Veterans Affairs card


Discounted fee: applies to patients who are under 16 years of age including those attending for childhood vaccinations and for all patients who hold a Health Care card

  • Standard Consultation $60.00(out of pocket $25.40)
  • Longer Consultation    $95.00(out of pocket $25.40)


Priority Fee: applies to all patients attending for unscheduled emergencies, consultations after 5pm any week day and Saturday morning


Private billing at a priority rate

  • Standard consultation $80.00   (out of pocket cost of $42.70)
  • Longer consultation    $115.00 (out of pocket cost of $42.70)

“Out of pocket” means the actual cost to the patient after receiving the Medicare rebate. Medicare rebate is received at a Medicare office or can be transferred into your bank account if it is registered with Medicare at the time of consultation

Consumable item cost is added to the fee for all patients except DVA card holders and is not rebated by Medicare

Patients experiencing financial difficulties please discuss your fee with your treating doctor at the time of consultation

Payment at the time of consultation is required


Should you need to claim your rebate from Medicare directly, you can now download their app on your Smart Phone


iTunes APP


After Hours Visits

May be arranged by your doctor or a locum by phoning 9481-1214.

In an emergency phone 000 if after hours.