Absolute Medical Services – Services

General Services at Absolute Medical Services

The doctors at Absolute Medical Services have special interests and skills in many areas as well as providing general services and care to our patients.

General Health
Your general health is continuously cared for at Absolute medical services, some of which our doctors special interests include but are not limited to ;

  • Nutrition
  • Weight control
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Asthma and Diabetes Management
  • Health and Medical Assessments

We offer a range of health and medical assessments for our patient, some of which include but are not limited to;

  • Age related health assessments
  • Gender related health assessment
  • ATSI related health assessments
  • Medication assessments
  • Risks Assessments
  • Driving medicals
  • Corporate Medicals – See Corporate Services
  • Immunisations

A comprehensive range of immunisations is available for all ages, including seasonal vaccines such as influenza and pneumococcal as well as travel vaccines.

For further information on Travel vaccinations See link below

  • Women’s Health, Pregnancy and Family Planning
  • Skin Cancers and Diseases
  • Sport Medicine

Allied Health services at Absolute Medical Services

We are supported by Allied Health Professionals attached to the practice, including a Psychologist, Diabetes Educator, Chinese Herbalist/Acupuncturist, Orthopaedic surgeon and our own Incontinence Clinic.

Specialised Procedures at Absolute Medical Services

Absolute Medical Services offers specialised procedures at our practice including infant circumcisions and tongue tie release assessment and procedure.

Our doctors are highly experienced in these areas and are more than happy to provide you with advice and assistance.

Central Coast Vaccination Services at Absolute Medical Services

Absolute Medical Services is a registered Travel Vaccination Centre on the Central Coast, which allows us to provide you with comprehensive advice and appropriate vaccinations for all travel destinations.

If you are planning an overseas holiday, please make an appointment with our doctors to discuss your needs, preferably a month or two prior to your departure. We have the Yellow Fever Vaccination in stock at the Practice!, We also provide the option of post-travel health screening for travellers returning from high-risk countries.

Pelvic Floor Clinic “Wave Chair”

Do you or someone you care for suffer from incontinence? You are not alone.

AMS offer a revolutionary Pelvic Floor Clinic to help take back control and get your continence back. The ‘wave chair’ embraces ExMI ™ Pelvic Floor Therapy System , a non-surgical therapy for the treatment of stress, urge and mixed incontinence, prolapse and pelvic pain in women, incontinence and erectile dysfunction in men.

Corporate Services at Absolute Medical Services

At absolute medical services we aim to provide high quality, comprehensive medical care for our corporate clients. We are here to help oversee the health, well-being and continued care of your employees. Contact us on 02 4328 5200 to arrange a complimentary meeting to discuss how our corporate Health care program can benefit you and your employees.